Erroneous Poll on ESPN

I let it go that Peyton Manning fucked Alabama in the NCAA investigation against them in the late 90’s, early 2000’s…

I let it go that he was an annoying tick in Indy during Tom Brady’s utter dismantleing of the entire league…

I let it go that he road the coatails of an unbelievable defense to win his second Super Bowl ring…

I even let it go that he managed to weasel his way on the field, with of all people, Steve Spurrier to run the coin flip in the National Championship game. Clearly that tipped the scales in Clemsons favor, clearly!  But I’m over it… 

What I will NOT let go is the utter delusion that he is anywhere near this Poll that ESPN is running:

First of all, he did not win a championship. This fact alone automatically removes him from A-D. Tee Martin won one a year after he left. Tee Martin.

And what really makes this list lose every ounce of credibility is who they left off. Guys like; Ken Dorsey, Deshaun Watson, Jameis Winston, Michael Vick (but I love dogs so, ehhh), Carson Palmer and some people may disagree with this but if you’re going to put Peyton Manning on this list then you have to include the Goat, Tom Brady. You have to. I was there in Miami when he beat Alabama in the Orange Bowl. Peyton didn’t do much more. I can go on and on down a list but you get the point.

The point is ESPN loves Peyton’s dick.


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