The top of the mountain… 

Getting dressed this morning I started to do some reflecting. The three 2016/2017 football seasons, fantasy, college and pro, provided me with a vast array of feelings. There were ultimate highs and devastating lows.

As you know, I went to Alabama and I’m a die hard Patriot fan so I’m familiar with greatness. On the flip side, I’m familiar with being hated but it’s a position that I live for. For those who loath my teams success for whatever reason, whether you hate those teams or just like seeing me die a little inside – and I know you’re out there – the last few weeks have been pure joy for you…

Think about this for a second, I was lining up for something I’ve only dreamed about, the Ultimate Football Trifecta. My fantasy squad, the fighting Dickbutt Kus’s where poised to secure my 2nd league championship in 3 years and most importantly the rights to the Slurpee trophy. My Tide looked unstoppable, although I saw the inefficiencies but chose to ignore them and my Pats look like a lock to at least make the SB. This is where things began to fall apart.

I was holding a commanding lead in theLeague  champ game but as the afternoon games progressed I noticed a trend. Shit started happening that would ONLY HAPPEN TO ME, of course. The biggest screw of them all? I literally lost my matchup because Steven Hauschka missed a fucking extra point, AN EXTRA POINT! This sent the game into OT and David Johnson was able to secure 7 more points – the exact amount I lost by. Awesome.

Fast Forward to the Alabama V Clemson game. Yeah…

It’s like I was standing on Everest, slipped, fell and cartwheeled the whole fucking way down, hitting every rock and then getting pissed on by 100 sherpas. There is hope though and today that hope will live in all of its glory. Only one thing can save me in this valley of failure.

A goat.

It’s game day today and this man will save me, he will save us all…

Go pats.


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