I don’t know what Colin Cowherd is smoking but I want some.

Anybody else catch what Cowherd said yesterday on his show? It was along the lines of, Brady is playing for his job this weekend, if he has a bad AFC championship game – the Pats should think about moving on…


probably bieber or porn

He is talking about the guy who threw 28 TD’s, 2 INT’s and 3,500 yards at nearly a 70% completion rate… this season. Brady did that after missing the first 4 games, not having a healthy Gronk and throwing to a receiving core that is made up of, Julien Edelman, Danny Amendola and Chris Hogan. To further boggle the mind, Cowherd attributes that success to, “only playing one good QB this year”. Ok Colin, because those QB’s play defense. And yes, he “struggled” against Denver and he “struggled” against Houston, the number 1 and number 4 defensive units in the league. No biggie. Did I mention he also had an O-line that is the 11th cheapest in the NFL? Plus, the guy is only playing his 11th Conference Championship game in 15 years, something we see everyday. I must be taking crazy pills.

Image result for mugatu

I get it though, when the decline happens, it happens fast – no denying that. This situation however, that is not the case. What we have here is Colin Cowherd trying to make headlines with an outrageous statement. He is fishing, if he ends up somehow, someway being right about this, then he gets to be the guy who says, “I reported it first” – and that is why he is willing to go to such an extreme…

So, please pass the Dutchie to the left hand side, Colin.

If you want to hear the whole segment, you can check it out here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4L8sdEBC3b4





6 thoughts on “I don’t know what Colin Cowherd is smoking but I want some.

  1. Not to mention this was your Tweet 3 days ago….
    “Is this the beginning of Brady’s decline? People forget it happens fast and at anytime… @PardonMyTake”


    • That’s what I’m talking about… it’s a sarcastic tweet. I tweeted at the show who has a “people forget” segment. I was actually making fun of people who were gonna say he’s done. So really I anticipate… lol


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