Dare I say, Luck may be running out? 

Reports of yet another surgery for Andrew Luck, paint a gloomy picture in my eyes. When do we get to start saying he may be a bust? 

I know the word bust can be very strong considering he has played well at times and the supporting cast leaves nothing to be desired. I get all of that, I do. Where I start to question everything is in how much hype surrounded him coming out of Stanford. This guys was supposed to be the next thing since sliced bread. Andrew Luck was crammed down our throat for a year, I mean the guy replaced Peyton Manning and Manning won another SB, went to 2 and retired all in that time frame. We are going into what, his 6th year? All I’m saying is, I’ve seen worse QB’s do more with less. Ontop of all that, the guy can’t stay healthy! One injury after another – all the while playing through a number of different ailments because he’s a “tough guy”. Bottom line is, if he keeps beating himself up like that he isn’t going to last much longer…

I think for what he was SUPPOSED to be, the guys a bust. That doesn’t mean I don’t think he is a decent QB or that he will see more success in the future. I just don’t think he will ever walk the same halls as a Manning, Brady or Rodgers. One thing is for sure he will always be #1 in my book for looking like a huge creeper. Fuck. 


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