Super Bowl Li is set!

If you watched the games yesterday then you were just as bored as I was and I’m a Pats fan…

I guess the guy who pulled the fire alarm in the Steelers hotel got the job done because that team didn’t show up. Or maybe it was the live video distraction, whatever it was, it worked in the Patriots favor.

I think the Bell injury and the absolute domination of Antonio Brown by the secondary were the keys to their victory. I also think the Steelers forgot Chris Hogan was alive but if you watched Hard Knocks with the Dolphins a few years ago, you know his nick name – “7-Eleven” – cause he’s always open.Image result for thank you come again meme


If you caught the earlier game then you know that GB’s defense is still chasing Julio Jones this very second.
Related image

To be fair, injuries decimated the Packers from the very start and the offense came out stale in the first half. In the middle of the game Packer fans all started the “this is not Arod’s fault” rants. It’s funny how easily we overlook certain things, the guy didn’t play that great in against the Cowboys and he looked off most of the game vs the Falcons. He was still good, of course  – but he was not getting the ball their with the same zip or accuracy as we are use to seeing. I also want to show you two stats that are, well… interesting: “Rodgers has never won a game in which he trailed by more than one point in the fourth quarter to a team with a winning record. He’s 0-35 in those games.”Then there is this gem from NFC Championship games: Entering the game on Sunday Rodgers combined conference championship stats (2 games) 56% completion and 1 TD to 4 INT’s… I’m not going to sit here and say he is not one of the best doing it today, he just is, watch for yourself. However, I am not going to him the benefit of the doubt on those two areas because that is just piss poor.
Image result for aaron rodgers cowboy]

Now we wait for two weeks for what I think is going to be a much better game and matchup than most think. People are worried that business wise this is not good for the NFL because, let’s face it – have you ever met a Falcons fan? I honestly don’t think I could count on one hand how many I know… Either way, two great QB’s, two great teams and absolutely no defense. What good be better? See you in a few weeks…
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