Big Ben contemplating retirement has me thinking about his career highlights. 

Oh Ben Roethlisberger, where do I begin? 

Should I start with being a top 12 pick out of Miami of Ohio? Maybe being the youngest starting QB to win a Super Bowl? That he has two Super Bowl rings? That he’s thrown for almost  50K yards in his career? Or maybe that he started 13-0 as a rookie and won Rookie of the Year? Nope. I’m gonna start with Lake Tahoe and some random place in Georgia… 

That’s right, while people are going to argue about first ballot HOF chances, legacy, where he stands amongst the greats – I’d like to take a trip down memory lane to a little place called rape. Allegedly.

I get it, he was never found guilty but let’s just look past the multiple settlements to shut people up, the similar stories separated by years and the resignation of investigating officers afterwords. Also, there was that 4 game suspension he served, plus mandatory counseling in 2010… something no one brings up, yet here we are on a daily basis talking about a guys 4 game knock for ALLEGEDLY deflating some footballs.  

In all seriousness, this guys probably is and will be a Hall of Famer on the first ballot. I guess if it’s not Tom Brady we actually follow through with the whole, “innocent until proven guilty thing”. Strictly talking football… he was a lot of fun to watch and if he does retire it’s just one more player gone from the NFL I grew up with, sad realization of how old I’m getting. Where this story better not go, is down the Brett Favre rabbit hole. Unfortunately, his “non committal” answer seems to be leading us that way. 

Ladies, just remember, if you find yourself walking to a bathroom in a club or asked to fix a TV in a hotel room and the guy standing there is all 6’5″ Big Ben… 



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