Jax gets roasted, Mark gives the tip, Everett and Lindsay continue to fight… just a Monday on Bravo.

Bravo is the shit and I’ll fight you if you don’t think so. No I won’t but trust me, this stuff is gold and at Fair Weather Frank we are not afraid to admit it. Anyway, I just finished catching up on last nights Bravo lineup – I promise I have a job. It was like Bravo producers read my post about Vanderpump last week because we got a FULL rundown on Jax Taylor’s life last night. He actually subjected himself to a Roast by his friends and coworkers, in front of his GF’s mom. Bad idea dude. If you want to know everything about Jax that you need to know, just watch last nights episode. Even better, we were left waiting until next week when the episode ended with said mother letting Jax know that they would have to have a talk about the “homosexual” stuff…

Also last night,  Bravo wrapped up the first season of Timber Creek Lodge – a show about a group of vacation hosts in their 20’s running a lodge in Whistler, BC. I enjoyed the season even though it’s probably not coming back. There just wasn’t enough bite in my opinion. It’s hard to believe angry when it’s coming through a Canadian accent. We did get Mark banging a guest, after sleeping with and breaking up with a fellow employee, all in the same night. That’s was pretty cool. The best thing to come out of Timber Creek? The new love of my life, the house chef, Nikita Williams. I will eat anything you make, even tomatoes and I fucking hate tomatoes. 

Another new show to hit Monday’s is “Summer House”. It surrounds nine friends who spend their weekends at a rented house in Montauk. Right there you know it’s going to be a bunch of rich 30 something’s who are hanging on to their youth as long as possible – and I don’t blame them. In the middle of all these young singles banging their way through  New York is a couple, who are members of the group, were friends and now “trying it out”. Basically we just listen to them fight constantly, a situation I’m far to familiar with. I’m not ready to pass judgment on this show yet, I’m interested, I’m watching but we will see… one thing is for sure, this is no Jersey Shore – which the producers are trying to say is the vibe for this show. In fact, this would be WAY better if they put the Shore cast in a house in Montauk, can you imagine that group in this highbrow setting? Man I miss those guys. 


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