Tiger Tiger Woods, y’all! 

This weekend marks Tiger Woods return to PGA tour play for the first time in 17 months and I couldn’t be more excited. He looked decent in that whatever tourney but this is where the real comeback begins! 

Love him or hate him, golf is better when he is playing well. I want him to destroy everyone. I want him to win majors. I want that fistpump piercing through the air once more!   

I love me some Tiger. Gotta say though, he’s looked better… 

All bull shit aside, what a pairing for his first official PGA event back. He’s playing with Jason Day and Dustin Johnson, both recent major winners, both some of the biggest names in golf. Day is boring but a great player. All you need to know about DJ is he banged Will Mckenzie’s wife – Mckenzie had to take a year off to recover mentally – and this is DJ’s bae now: (Gretzky’s Daughter)

Only thing that gets me through Sundays in Spring… Golf. 

Bring on the Masters! 


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