Women calls police in Northern Australian Territory… to complain about her drug dealers prices

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A women in Australia was outraged at what she was getting charged for weed, by her drug dealer. Pot is illegal in Aussie land, so who better to call and complain to about weed prices than, you guessed it, the COPS!

As you can see, the police department there decided to have some fun with it and announce via social media that they are willing to take any and all complaints regarding ones drug dealer.

I wonder how much they were charging this lady? Don’t we have a universal $50 an eighth, $100 a quarter and so on, system? Unless you get the bro price of course… These fixed prices are meant to establish order amongst drug deals, unless they do it different down under. I wonder how the weed is there, has to be swag, right? What if they have some cool Crocodile Hunter strain called “Heart Stopper” or some shit? Too soon? Maybe she was hoping to score some evidence locker chronic or she was just high out of her skull. Either way, bold move to call the fuzz.

Anyway, I love Aussie stories – what a country…



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