Falcons fans… all 4 of you, SMH

Apparently Falcons fans are calling for some investigation that will never occur because it’s fucking dumb. 

They seem to be convinced that the Super Bowl was rigged… 

Let’s see their 2 main pieces of “evidence” and let me just quickly eviscerate them… 

Let’s start small:

I’ve seen this screen shot a lot. It was taken after he crossed the goaline and got pushed back… sorry Colby – easy to take any screen shot to use for your lousy crusade and get people to believe it, eh? 

Here is the last image that’s been floating around and by some miracle, the level of stupidity we witness here – is gaining traction: 

Oh Kelly Mac. The only reason I will even waste a moment of my life addressing this, is for my readers who don’t watch football regularly or pay close attention to the details. “Wins Super Bowl with touchdown” – Kelly, this is not a headline… this is explaining to you how OT works. The fact this has 17k comments is unbelievable – hopefully telling her just how dumb she really is… 


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